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JP Denyer has been an artist since the beginning of time. Now, I know that might seem impossible, but JP is a time lord who's been traveling through time to save people with one painting at a time. This blog is dedicated to her artwork whether it's in graphic design, cake design, regular illustration or painting.

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Posts tagged "Graphic Design" is a place where you can have your own store and sell your own creative art or designs.  Recently they just added a way to have a “story” about yourself on your own store.  Well I just spent a few hours creating mine, I’d love it if you’d check it out!

Inspirational typography - 101

Here is a package design I did and then reduced it down to printable size so I could make a paper printout and 3D mock up…client was very pleased!

This is a plush design I submitted to a Plush Gift company here in my neck of the woods and they created this from the drawing I submitted.

Display Dump Tray, designed by moi!


Looking to the Future

Drawn a few years back, I feel this is the view I have from where I am, looking out from the eagle’s nest to what lies ahead.

©1998 JP Denyer

(via Limited Edition Madam Butterfly CPrint 24/50 by buddyschild)

You can purchase a C-print of Madame Butterfly I created before 1977! Click through for further information.

You can find original creations from the desk of JP Denyer!